1. What is Socialgamer?
    It is a social networking site for gamers. It helps you find players, create teams and enables easy communication. You can chat and voice chat with your friends, and post your thoughts on your profile.
  2. How do I log in?
    Well, it can be done different ways. You can create an account or log in through different platforms and social networks. It doesn’t really matter which way you do that, as long as you are a part of Socialgamer. You can always fill in your profile info and use different platforms for playing.
  3. How do I update my profile information?
    We will ask you for updates if your profile info is incomplete. But, you can always update it by yourself, using the ‘MY PROFILE’ tab.
  4. Is Socialgamer free?
    Yes! It is all free to use.
  5. How to find team players?
    After you register, log in and fill in your profile you can go to ‘PICK A GAME’ tab or ‘ENTER A GAME’ button on home page. The next step is choosing a game and platform that you want to play with. Then you pick the search options, which are appealing to you and press ‘NEXT’. You will then be assigned to a room. If all the players are there you will get a notification and say that you’re ready to play. When you all are ready you can add everyone to friends and play the game. You will be able to easily communicate through voice chat.
  6. How to enter a game with my friends?
    It depends on the platform. Talking about Steam, you can add each other in rooms and play. In terms of consoles, you can see nicknames of other players in the room (PSN ID and XBOX LIVE), then you can easily add them on these devices.
  7. Someone is asking for my password, what do I do?
    Socialgamer will never ask for your password or other private information. However, if a situation like that happens quickly write us an email to info@socialgamer.zone and do not share any private information or passwords with strangers.
  8. I think you should improve something on Socialgamer.
    Sure we should, write us what it is to info@socialgamer.zone